Tamar Schori | Abyss, 2003, video, loop

Nov. 1, 2003 - Feb. 14, 2004

תמר שחורי
Abyss deals with matter. A Matter that yields to break loose of the restraints of gravity but remains encased within its boundaries. A Matter that may react, remember and forget. A matter that is reversible and flexible due to its inner qualities. An archetypical matter that bare resemblance to the Prima Materia (The primal matter, or the black stone in alchemy). Matter that evokes empathy and identification, that may lure and mesmerize. Simply matter.

As a new media artist I find it slightly amusing to return to matter. One of the challenges common to various practices of new media art is the creation of an open random system that is unpredicted, and operates within a flexible set of rules that generate an abandon of forms and behaviors. The substance in Abyss was selected because it operates under the same guidelines.

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