Yehudit Matzkel | VideoZone

Curator: Galia Bar Or
Nov. 20, 2004 - Feb. 12, 2005

The Tree of Knowledge, 2001-2004, Photography
יהודית מצקל
Bonsai: The Cedar, the Shittah Tree, and the Myrtle, and the Oil Tree

It is disconcerting to plant in bonsai – the Japanese art of dwarfing and shaping plants – the cedar, the shittah tree (acacia), the myrtle, and the oil tree, or to set in a handful of earth, within a stylized container, the fir tree, and the pine, and the box tree, but not together. The hybrid generated by the crossing of two lingual and cultural structures – Eretz-Israeli flora and a Japanese miniature imitation of nature – shakes the viewer like a hybrid product that causes a troubling, thought-provoking, aesthetic disruption.

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