Dina Shenhav | Tunnel | The Third Dream

Curator: Aya Lurie
Oct. 2020 - June 26, 2021

The large sculptural object at the center of Dina Shenhav’s exhibition is made entirely of yellow sponge (polyurethane). It sits at the center of the empty white hall in a way that accentuates its singular isolation in space. From the outside, its form is made up of fairly smooth planes, so that it resembles an abstract sculpture, a commissioned or readymade industrial object, with a gaping empty space within. Visitors are invited to enter the sponge tunnel, which is XX meters long. The material processing of the interior is radically different from its exterior: its inner walls bear signs of manual excavation, and scattered by them are a variety of meticulously realistic objects and working tools ostensibly used by the excavators during their extended stay.

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