Goldreich & De Shalit

Goldreich & De Shalit | Locale

Curators: Zvi Elhyiani, Talia Davidi
June 23, 2018 - Nov. 17, 2018

The personal archive of the professional partners and married couple Arthur Goldreich (1929–2011), artist, architect, freedom fighter, and teacher, and Tamar de Shalit (1932–2009), interior designer, has been entrusted in recent years to the Israel Architecture Archive. The collection, selected parts of which are presented here in their archival drawers, includes tens of thousands of items documenting their work. This is an unusual personal collection that spans a variety of mediums, a twofold oeuvre that runs the gamut between the public and private, the political and personal, communal kibbutz projects and entrepreneurial ones, intellect and craftsmanship, and international precedents and ancient local inspirations. The decentralized nature of the collection has enabled, and even dictated, a broad thematic perspective that is not necessarily hierarchic, chronological, or typological.

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