Jacob Alkow | Collector Room

Karina Tollman and philipp Thomanek - K1p3studio
Feb. 14, 2015 - Apr. 11, 2015

A group view from the Jacob Alkow collection

k1p3 architects

Jacob Alkow Collection (1902-1999)

Jacob Alkow lived an intriguing life full of upheavals, and art played a prominent role in it. The international eclectic collection is comprised of 43 works of plastic art in a variety of styles and techniques, most from the 20th century, with a minority of works from the 19th century and even earlier. A strong affinity for Judaism is evident from the collection – most of the artists, Israelis and non-Israelis, are Jews, and also the themes of many of the works deal with Jewish life. One might conclude that the life story of Alkow, a refugee from Russia at the beginning of the century who emigrated with his family to America, influenced the nature of the collection.

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