Ram Katzir | Group Exhibition

June 4, 2005 - Sep. 3, 2005

Tracing Future, 2005, concrete drawing
רם קציר
A hand drawing a lifeline in another palm is engraved like a tattoo on the floor of the museum’s inner courtyard. The hand becomes a topographical map, outlining a route, an intrinsic landscape, a personal path in life. The work is situated at the heart of the museum, in a courtyard created with its expansion in the year 2000, which changed its nature from a museum operating within the municipal memorial center of Yad Labanim into a museum of contemporary art with a separate existence (marked by the separation of entrances). The inner courtyard evolved in the intersection between the two wings, the old and the new, and it preserves the architectural nature of the external structure: exposed concrete walls, rigid and fortress-like, combined with round shapes and an unthreatening height that “soften” it, generating modesty and a human, non-monumental scale.

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