Tom Pnini | Numerator and Denominator

Curators: Zali Gurevitch, Tsibi Geva, Dalia Levin and Tal Bechler
June 18, 2011 - Sep. 10, 2011

Cloud Demo/ Manara, 2010, video, 6:13 min.

תום פניני
The clouds move slowly between heaven and earth along the extended cable. Like Icarus, the artificial clouds challenge nature, striving to soar upwards.
Similarly to the artist’s previous works, in this work too he presents man’s intervention in nature, sculpting nature as a backdrop. In the background, the sky is covered with clouds, allowing the viewer to observe the source and its copy, the real phenomenon and its artificial creation. The viewer is caught in the illusion created by the object while still being aware of its artificially.
The seeds of clouds being led up the mountain are supposed to be transformed into natural, free, towering clouds. The course of the clouds delineates the division line between heaven and earth, natural and artificial, earthliness and heavenliness.

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