Tsibi Geva | Where Im Coming From | Portrait Time I

Curator: Aya Lurie
Sep. 21, 2019 - Feb. 1, 2020

Never more shall I
be the one
who hears
the fragile noise.
– Avot Yeshurun, “Never Again”

The three components of Tsibi Geva’s large installation, which together make up a spectrum between painting and sculpture, collectively form a complete mental space. The connections forged between them reflect Geva’s view of the internal refractions of existence in the world as a conceptual, physical, and emotional phenomenon. The pieces on view contain in compressed form the formal and ethical lexicon developed by Geva over five decades, and may be seen, figuratively, as an artistic self-portrait. This idea also finds expression in the title of the exhibition, taken from Avot Yeshurun’s poem “How Have I Gotten Here, That Is a Question.”

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